The Cowlitz Coast Salish (ƛʼpúlmixq) Online Dictionary was made possible thanks to the efforts of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe and the contributions of language consultants, linguists, and technical staff.

We are thankful for the critical, foundational fieldwork of məsímx (Emma Mesplie), scayídut (Lucy James), and M. Dale Kinkade, as well as the work of earlier researchers including John Harrington, Thelma Adamson, Edward Curtis, and Franz Boas. Their efforts to document the ƛʼpúlmixq language made creation of this dictionary possible.

We wish to acknowledge the Cowlitz Elders, knowledge keepers, and educators who are no longer with us. The decades they spent documenting, preserving and maintaining the ƛʼpúlmixq language were crucial for future learners. We are immensely grateful to Dave Barnett for first envisioning this project and setting it in motion while serving as Tribal Chair, as well as to the many Tribal members and employees who have contributed their talents and insights over the years. We would especially like to thank Rita Asgeirsson, Cheyenne Miller, Michael Hubbs, Nathan Reynolds, Caroline Lombard, Emma Johnson, Dakota Iyall, Kristen Hitchcock, Dillon Dobson, Jeramiah Wallace, Clay Koch, Tanna Engdahl, Irene Dunbar, Melissa Halvorsen, Jeanne St. Martin, Alyssa Fine, Tessa Halloran, and Crystal Leigh for their dedication, commitment, and support.

For their strong and continued support of ƛʼpúlmixq language revitalization, we would like to acknowledge Patty Kinswa-Gaiser, Chair of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, and the Cowlitz Tribal Council past and present: Kimberly Appelt, Debra Avila, Steve Barnett, Cheryl Bell, Celine Cloquet, Kris Dillehay, Suzanne Donaldson, Bill Erickson, Greg Hitchcock, Larry Kestner, Kris Kitz, Rod Van Mechelen, Tom Van Mechelen, Barbara Middaugh, Whitney Mosback, Cassandra Powell, Justice Rhodes, Vanessa Robinson, Timi Marie Russin, Maverick Ryan, Cassandra Sellards-Reck, Rachael Streitberger, Robin Torner, and Don Walkinshaw, Sr.

Finally, we wish to acknowledge and thank the staff at The Language Conservancy who have dedicated their time and effort to this project, particularly the members of the Cowlitz Language and Dictionary Development teams: Sam Myers, Aryn Freeman, Joshua Omran, Jonah Wolf, Darrell Schreiner, Giang Le, and Elliot Thornton. Thanks also to Evan Chappell, Jillian Danaher, Cian Ford, Michael Hayes, Holly Lemna, Alexandra Pavot, and Olivia Ryan for their contributions, and to Wilhelm Meya, Heike Meya, Adelaide Petrov-Yoo, Samantha Hintz, Dorothea Hoffmann, Joe Tarnow, Eric Adell, and Robert Rugh for their advice, support, and leadership.